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We lyrics Winamp Boys – New Electro Pop Music

We lyrics Winamp Boys – New Electro Pop Music

We song is sung by artist Winamp Boys. This Pop Music lyrics is written and music produced by Winamp Boys. This song is from All Nighter, Vol. 6 album (2021). If you are searching for ‘We’ Song Lyrics English Font, this is the right post for you. label –

Winamp Boys “We” lyrics

Infinity, that’s what we’ll be
We’ll seize the day in our own way
I know that we all fought so hard
To be the stars that we all are

We are the dream
We are the stars
We are the hope
Yeah, that’s who we are

We are the day
We are the light
We are the wish
Yeah, we run the night

That’s who we are

Song Name: We
Artist: Winamp Boys
Lyrics: ​​Winamp Boys
Prod. By: Winamp Boys
Album: All Nighter, Vol. 6
Release Date: 24-12-2021

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