We Go Back lyrics Animal Collective – Time Skiffs

We Go Back lyrics Animal Collective – Time Skiffs

We Go Back song is sung by artist Animal Collective. This Rock Music lyrics is written and music produced by Animal Collective. This song is from ‘Time Skiffs‘ (2022) rock album. If you are searching for ‘We Go Back’ Song Lyrics English Font, this is the right post for you. label – Domino Recording Co

Animal Collective “We Go Back” lyrics

Over and over our song on my brain
I go back
We go back and I play it again
How far we go back is how forward we’ll go
It’s up to the Pleiades
And down the marrow

Trickle of a moment down my life
History in motion
Heat for feeling
Tremble in the moment
Tongue on cheek
I don’t feel the urge to turn back time
I just begin

Bend to the moment
Feel no thought
Listen to the sound of people hoping
That in the moment there will be bliss
A cause for the moment to be healing
And to begin

Written in a moment
Read in many
Here it comes again I’m breathing heavy
I ripped up a moments worth of love
In the matter of a moment I conceive
We just begin

I stood for a moment and the sun went down
I got sad for the sun cause I would get lonely
Leaving a trail of darkness on a world behind
And always being sun for a world beyond
That just begins

Song Name: We Go Back
Artist: Animal Collective
Lyrics: ​Animal Collective
Prod. by: Animal Collective
Album: Time Skiffs (2022)
Release Date: 04-02-2022
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