vivianne miedema helps netherlands to reach top 16

Vivianne Miedema Sealed Last 16 For Netherlands With Win Over Cameroon

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Now, Vivianne Miedema is the highest goal scorer in Netherlands

Highlights: Kick-off! The 1st half begins. And here we go…. & Miedema gets dropped immediately when a Cameron pass strikes her firmly in the chest. She looked painful.

15′: Christine Manie(Cameroon) fouls Donk and so referee shows her a yellow card. Spitse takes the free kick and the ball escapes.

38′: The Dutch have lost their spell and the game becomes a predefined war.Here Mbeleck’s attack on Groenen was decent enough but that reminds of Paul Gascoigne on Gary Parker in 1991. So, Genevieve Ngo Mbeleck( Cameroon ) is shown a yellow card. That could have been a red as it seemed it was a loss of control.

41′: Goal! Netherlands 1-0 Cameroon(Miedema, 41′). Van de Sanden finally has some room down the right and her cross is headed in by the Arsenal goal machine, Miedema.

44′: Goal! Netherlands 1-1 Cameroon (Onguene,44) The Cameroon side is now equal with Holland side, just after 150 s of their goal. A ball from far is settled down the centre of their defence and Onguene takes hold on it and finishes to the destination.

onguene levels the score against netherlands
onguene levels the score against netherlands
(photo credit: instagram)

45′: M. Abam(Dutch) earns a free kick in the defensive half.

45’+1′: Attempt seized. Enganamouit( Cameroon) shots right-footed from outside the box and it is blocked by Abam.

45’+2: Foul from Cameroon side( Claudine). Consequently, Jackie Groenen earns a free kick on the left wing.

45’+4′: End of the 1st half, Ned-1, Cam-1.

Second Half Begins

47′: De Donk ( Netherlands ) wins a free kick.

47′: Foul by Cameroon side(Raissa)

48′: Goal! Netherlands 2- 1 Cameroon Hmm. Netherlands use free kick very well. Ball is on the right side, and Bloodworth attacks the ball second time and the ball is entered from close range.

dominique bloodworth after scoring goal against cameroon
dominique bloodworth after scoring goal against cameroon
(photo credit: instagram)

60′: Substitution in Cameroon side. Ajara replaces Michaela Abam.

66′: Substitution in Netherlands side. Lineth Beerensteyn replaces Shanice van de Sanden. Again, substitution in Cameroon side. Charlene Meyong Menene replaces Genevieve Ngo Mbeleck.

68′:Another yellow card for Cameroon( Raissa Feudjio ).

71′: Substitution in Netherlands side .Jill Roord replaces Danielle van de Donk.

75′: Substitution in Cameroon side . Henriette Akaba replaces Gaelle Enganamouit.

85′: Goal! Netherlands 3-1 Cameroon Netherlands woman Vivianne Miedema’s right footed shot from the centre of the box to the left corner(bottom) and powered by Lineth Beerensteyn.

86′: Substitution for Netherlands. Merel van Dongen replaces Kika van Es.

90’+3′: Full time. Netherlands 3-1 Cameroon

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