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The Real Race For The Title Has Just Started-Messi Warns

With a 2-0 victory over Qatar on Sunday, Argentina reached the quarterfinals of the Copa America 2019.The starting of Copa America has not started well for Argentina in the first round of the tournament, though star Lionel messi believed,”Now another cup begins.”

The mixed zone told,”Here the main duty for us to win to perform well in the tournament to qualify the stage and to settle in the world cup.”

“We are eagerly looking for what is coming for us”, the Barcelona striker also told in the context of the quarter final match against Venezuela on next friday at the renown maracanĂ£ in Rio de Janeiro.

Though Argentina has qualified for the quarter finals, the team’s recent performance are not so remarkable.In Copa America 2019, they only won against Qatar(2-0),performed a draw(1-1 against Paraguay)and defeated with 2-0 against Colombia.So, Messi warned,”Another cup begins.This victory against Qatar has made us strong and we have to proceed to grow as a team.”

the real race for the title has just started-Messi warns
The real race for the title has just started-Messi warns
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The goals striked by Argentina star Lautaro Martinez(4′) and Sergio Aguero(82′)ensured the victory against Qatar.After the match Messi analyzed,”It was a very tough game for us to alive in the tournament.We were afraid to stay but we did things well and the results were in our way.”

Aguero who leveled the second game against Paraguay,revealed,”We were grateful that he lead the game, fortunately our communication was very well(referring Messi, Martinez and him)and fortunately we won.”

The Manchester City striker did not take Venezuela so lightly.We got the proof from his statement,”It is a very complicated opponent and their attack is very well and we will try to prepare enough to stand against them.”

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