Taimur Hopes To Become A Scientist In ISRO Despite Getting Two In Math

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s only child Taimur Ali Khan came back in the news. Earlier, it came in headlines for various reasons and news. The media had ever taken pictures of him or her at the dining table. Once again pictures of Jim went viral in places like social media. And it’s so fascinating to us that we all know how and when.

However, Kareena Kapoor’s mother is not very fond of this exaggerated media. But even so, my affection for him never diminished. Earlier, Taimur had made a complaint about his grandmother. It was said that Taimur’s grandmother was paying close attention to her. At that time, the whole country, including Taimur and his family, was inundated. Finally, the mother of Taimur ended her extramarital affair and gave more attention to the family.

Surprising news is that in the media Taimur Ali Khan is more popular than Modi-Mamata, Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. Again, media reports have shown how much the results of the 2019 elections had already made by Timur Ali. It is reported that there are 3 chocolates: Modi, Mamata and Rahul Gandhi’s chocolate is kept, and who chooses Modi’s chocolate. So, from this point, his future statement is coming true.

After the incident, Congress heavyweight leaders like Rahul, Priyanka, Sonia, Ahmed Patel took bucket of buckets to his house to appease Taimur. But Taimur was not happy with it. He chose only Modi’s chocolate and ate it that day. And right after this incident, the Congress camp became worried.

And the most interesting news of the present is that Taimur wants to become a scientist of ISRO. This week, ISRO surprised the entire world by sending Chandrayaan-2 into space. And that day Taimur Ali watched the broadcast live on TV. After watching the broadcast, Taimur expressed his desire to become a scientist.

The day Taimur was doing this great job, the next day was his school test. And Taibu’s studies could not do well to waste time watching Isro’s live. And he gets only 2 in the school test for failing to study. However, Taimur’s family is not going to comment. They said he got two today but he will get 100 in the test if the test happened again. And, of course, he will be a scientist in a place like ISRO in future.

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