sweden beat thailand to seal knockout stage

Sweden Beat Thailand To Seal Knockout Stage

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On sunday, Sweden showed us an attacking football to defeat Thailand 5-1 goals. So, Sweden sealed their spot in the Fifa Women’s World Cup round of 16.


Kickoff: It’s a beautiful day.
2‘:After 1’ and 1″, Thai defender kicks the ball and it flies outside for a throw-in.

6′:GOAL: Sweden 1-0 Thailand( Sembrant,6′)
Here’s a Phancha foul and free kick from 35 yards…. Sweden is good in the air .Rubensson passes it to Sembrant…. defender’s goal.

sembrant and asllani scores one goals each
sembrant and asllani scores one goals each
(photo credit: instagram)

19‘:GOAL: Sweden 2-0 Thailand(Asllani,19′)
WOw!An wonderful goal from Sweden.Hurtig heads the ball towards the far post and allows Boonsing to outstretch for a beautiful save.Asllani collects it and finally makes an angle to kick.2-0

42′:GOAL: Sweden 3-0 Thailand(Rolfo,42′)
The ball springs in & out of the penalty area of Thailand. ROlfo catches the ball and takes a touch over the arc. She shots this time strongly.The goalkeeper Boonsing does a very good job but she can’t hold the ball.So, wonderful goal.
45‘:Taneekarn Dangda(Thai) is gotten the yellow card for a foul.

45‘:A substitution for Sweden. Madelen Janogy replaces Fridolina Rolfo.
45’+2′:First half finishes. Sweden 3,THailand 0.
2nd half begins.

56‘:A substitution for Thailand. Orathai Srimanee replaces Rattikan Thongsombut.

69‘: Again, substitution(Sweden).Olivia replaces Caroline Segar.

77‘: A substitution for Sweden. Mimmi Larsson replaces Anna Anvegard.

the goals of rolfo and hurtig leads sweden by 4 goals
the goals of rolfo and hurtig leads sweden by 4 goals
(photo credit: instagram)

81′:GOAL!Sweden 4, Thailand 0.
This time is for Lina Hurtig(Sweden).She heads from the the centre of box to the top right side.And obviously, Magdalena Eriksson passes to her.

81‘: A substitution for Thailand. Orapin Waen-Ngoen replaces Orathai Srimanee(injured).

89′:A substitution for Thailand.Sudarat Chuchuen replaces Silawan Intamee.

90’+1′:GOAL! Sweden 4, Thailand 1. Kanjana Sung-Ngoen( Thai, right-footed)kicks from the right side of the box to the bottom right.Assisted by Taneekarn Dangda following a fast drive.

Kanjana Sung-Ngoen scores a goal
Kanjana Sung-Ngoen scores a goal
(photo credit: twitter)

90’+5‘:VAR is taken.So, a penalty kick. The decision of referee on field is rejected.

90’+5‘: Yellow card for Thailand( Natthakarn Chinwong)for a hand ball.

90’+6′: GOAL!Sweden 5, Thailand 1,(Rubensson, 90’+6′)
Boonsing’s judgement is right but she cannot stop the goal. The ball is shot into the lower left corner.

FULL TIME: Sweden 5, Thailand 1.
Sweden won the game.

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