Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Russia Banned Cricket

Almost two million people around the world see this cricket game. As a result, the cricket fans are upset about the game being dropped. The next day after the World Cup Finals, the Russian sports minister announced the cancellation of cricket from the list of recognized countries. Although there is no cricket on the list, there are games like petank, draw and mini-golf. The whole world of cricket is astonishing in Moscow’s decision.

However, Alexander Sarokin, member of the Moscow Cricket Federation, said, “There is nothing like canceling cricket in Russia because there is no name on the official list.” The journalists said that there may have been a mistake while making the list, we will appeal to re-add the cricket the following year. “

Muay Thai (Thai boxing) has also been canceled from the national sports list with the cancellation of cricket. But the game that keeps people from all over the world together, the cricket that has been dropped from Russia, has burst out anger.

The announcement triggered heavy criticism on Twitter. Many have written that “cricket is very popular throughout the subcontinent, including India, in fact, due to fear, this game has been canceled from Moscow.

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