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After Delhi, Rumors over ‘Aazan ban’ in UP, Azaan Band Nahi Hogi trends on twitter

A news-paper cutting, and another xerox copy of official notification, apparently issued by Mau Darwaja police station in Faarukhabad are doing rounds on social meda where it is descibed that Aazan will not be performed from mosques due to coronavirus lockdown.

Lakhs of users of social media virtually protest for withdrawing azaan ban from UP police.

Student activist and JNUSU Councillor Afreen Fatima expressed, “Uttar Pradesh Police under Yogi Adityanath is using coronavirus pandemic to curb religious freedom of Muslims. Police is forcefully banning Azaan in several districts. Please tag UP Police and ask them to clarify. Tell them that Azaan band nahi hogi.”

Muslim activist, JMI student leader Aysha Renna also demanded justice from UP Police

After the news of Aazan ban in UP spread widely on social media, over 90 thousands of people came out in solidarity on Twitter platform using Aazan band nehi hogi (#AazanBandnehiHogi) hash tag.

Joining into the trend ,SIO General Secretary Syed Azharuddin assured, ” Azaan is caution for Muslims to Offer prayers, due to Lockdown we are offering Namaz at homes. So, please don’t make another issue on Azaan, let’s fight together against Corona Virus and stop spreading this type of communal virus. “

On friday, two policemen’s video from Delhi’s Prem Nagar police station had widely been distributed on social media. Those policemen were telling,“There will be no Azaan. This is the order from the LG.”

On April 24, Delhi deputy chief Minister Manish Sisodia declared that no ban order on Aazan was given. Delhi Police PRO, Anil Mittal, also said,”I shall investigate about the case.”

Now, in UP case, no such clarification yet from the authorities over the alleged Azan ban order rumor. (source:

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