Royalteen (Netflix) Wiki, Cast, Story, Release Date

Royalteen (Netflix) Wiki, Cast, Story, Release Date

Royalteen (Film) is an upcoming YA romance drama on Netflix. Here, a teenage girl Named Lena falls in love with Prince and troubles begin from there. Royalteen trailer is released on Netflix YouTube channel and official website. Royalteen Release Date is August 17, 2022. Norwegian actress Ines Høysæter Asserson is in the main role. Friends, read this post till last to know Royalteen Cast, Story, Release Date, Wikipedia etc. (#Royalteen #Netflix)

Royalteen Cast: Actress Ines Høysæter Asserson is in the lead cast of this movie. She will Perform as teenage girl Lena here. Previously, she acts as Inger in ‘Heirs of the Night’ (2019) TV Series. And actor Mathias Storhøi will perform as Prince Kalle here. Another important cast are: Veslemøy Mørkrid, Elli Rhiannon Müller Osborne, Sunniva Lind Høverstad, Amalie Sporsheim. Royalteen movie cast. Royalteen (2022) Actress Name.

Royalteen Story or Synopsis: Teenage girl Lena transfers to a new high school. She has a scandal in the past and is hoping for a new fresh start. In the new high school, she meets with prince Kalle and falls in love with him. And Kalle’ gossip is always on the internet blogs. And interestingly, one of those blogs is run by Lena herself. Initially, it seems Lena and Kalle’s love story is like a fairy tale but it is something else. One day, Lena’s big secret from the past comes into daylight. So, what will happen next? To know the answer, you must watch Royalteen on Netflix.

Royalteen (2022 Movie) Cast (Actor/Actress Name)Role/Character/Act As
Ines Høysæter AssersonLena
Mathias StorhøiPrince Kalle
Veslemøy MørkridLena’s mother (Lise Karlsvik)
Elli Rhiannon Müller OsborneMargrethe
Sunniva Lind HøverstadRenate
Pål Richard LunderbyJournalist (VG Newspaper)
Kirsti StubøDronningen
Amalie SporsheimIngrid
Filip Bargee RambergFanny
Martin Grid ToennesenPrince Kalles bodyguard
Petter Width KristiansenPappa
Christian Ruud KallumOve
Vår Sørensen GrønlieAstrid
Niels Halstensen SkåberGunnar
Carmen Andrea HøilundGuro

Royalteen Wikipedia, Writer, Director, Producer name: Royalteen Director name – Per-Olav SørensenEmilie Beck. Royalteen Producer Name: Morten Bugge, Janne Hjeltnes, Per-Olav Sørensen. Netflix Royalteen movie Cast, Royalteen Wiki. Royalteen shooting location: Oslo, Norway.

Royalteen Trailer, Teaser: Watch Royalteen trailer on Netflix You Tube Channel. Netflix Royalteen trailer. Royalteen teaser.

Royalteen Soundtrack: Royalteen movie soundtrack has not been released yet. Royalteen songs list will be updated here after release.

Royalteen Review: Royalteen movie review, Royalteen Netflix Rating. Royalteen IMDb rating will be written soon.

Movie NameRoyalteen
Based OnRoyalteen (book)
Music ComposerKristian Eidnes Andersen
Writer NameRandi Fuglehaug and Anne Gunn Halvorsen
Director NamePer-Olav SørensenEmilie Beck
Producer NameMorten Bugge, Janne Hjeltnes, Per-Olav Sørensen
GenreRomance, YA Film
Shooting LocationOslo, Norway
Release DateAugust 17, 2022
LanguageNorwegian, English

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August 17, 2022
Film Show Time: TBA
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