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Realme upcoming mobile 2022| Realme upcoming smartphone| Upcoming realme phones

It is one of the upcoming Realme phones. And the waiting will be over soon for the realme lovers in India. The reason is the company announced it will showcase the first realme 64 megapixel in India in the next week. The mobile lovers will get the Realme upcoming mobile on August 8 in New Delhi. For the upcoming Realme phones, the company is calling it as a camera innovation event. Realme upcoming smartphone will be the first quad camera smartphone from the company in India. In fact the Realme upcoming mobile will be the first mobile from Realme to go beyond a dual rear camera setup. Obviously, we already know the fact. From the upcoming realme phones India will be the first market to receive this 64 megapixel camera built realme upcoming smartphone. Realme upcoming mobile 2022.

For the Realme upcoming mobile we don’t know many details about the Realme 64 megapixel. But after watching the teaser image that realme is showing for upcoming Realme phones It is clear that the realme upcoming smartphone has 4 camera lenses and the 64MP print is there. Now the mystery about Realme upcoming mobile is that we don’t know the name of the Realme 64 megapixel one. So, from the upcoming realme phones, the name of this particular phone may be a part of x series or will be introduced as a brand new camera focusing phone series. So, Realme upcoming smartphone is a huge excitement for Realme lovers.

Speech From The Indian CEO Of Realme

In the previous month the company uploaded a teaser image of Realme upcoming mobile on Weibo. And this image showed us only the camera section of Realme upcoming smartphone. Now apart from the camera section, the design of Realme 64 megapixel mobile is mystery to us. The reason is- Realme India did not reveal it. Madhav Sheth, Realme India’s CEO also assured us that India will be the first country to receive this Realme upcoming smartphone. In addition, it is also the first one to to be in market with Samsung’s brand new 64 megapixel ISOCELL GW1.

In the last month we only got a few features about this new sensor of realme upcoming mobile. Moreover, Realme India’s CEO expressed a comparison from a prototype with Realme 64 megapixel one and contrasted it to a Xiaomi flagship.

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Interestingly we have no idea about the other sensors or features about the Realme upcoming mobile. But we don’t need to wait for so long because we will get this mobile very soon. And we can only assume the features. Now, my dear reader,s please comment what type of features it will have. To get latest updates about mobile, tech news follow on Facebook ,Twitter and Pinterest.

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