Friday, September 22, 2023
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Rain Forecast In South Bengal Tomorrow

At a glance:

The wait is coming to an end tomorrow. Thousands of thunderstorms are coming to South Bengal. The weather office has said that it is likely to receive more rainfall in Birbhum, Murshidabad and Burdwan.

The rainy season begins in June, almost every year. But Kathfata Rodeur is coming to South Bengal at the end of July this year. There is no chance of rain.

The rains will run mainly in north Bengal. Alipore Meteorological Department sources says that there is a possibility of heavy rains over north Bengal for the next two days. That means heavy rains are expected to continue till Thursday.

Causes of rainfall:

Cyclone created in the Bay of Bengal. As a result of this, heavy rainfall is likely across south Bengal. This time the seasonal axis extends from Rajasthan to Malda to Nagaland. This line will come down. The Meteorological Department claims that the cyclone that is being created along the coast of Orissa and Bengal is bringing downward pressure from North Bengal to South Bengal. The combination of the axis and the two will rain this Friday in South Bengal.

Basically, monsoon has been coming from south Bengal since Friday. Prior to this, there will be less rainfall spread over several districts.

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