Sunday, October 1, 2023
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“President Trump, please bring martial law if you lose the election”- says Roger Stone

Before going through the article, let me tell you who is Roger Stone. He is a prior political consultant for the Donald Trump presidential campaign. Now, the presidential election of United States is near. It will be happened in November 2020. Now, Mr Stone says that Trump should imply martial law if he is is unable to win the election in November.

He also suggests to perform something. This legendary political consultant says that the president should entreat the Insurrection Act and arrest the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Apple, Tim Cook and Hillary Clinton too. In addition, if any person involved in performing illegal work, Mr president should address the person.

He tells in a show,” I am not talking about preventive detention. But some people here are committee crimes and they always think that they can get away every time. I think ok we have a two tier justice system and this is wrong.”

Roger also gives and statement about the voter fraud. He says that in Florida and Nevada fraud voters are giving their votes. In addition, votes from this States should not be taken in consideration because these are not legal.

In Stones word, the voting system should be honest and legal. The total election process should be transparent so that the real person win and claim the office. According to him, Joe Biden is not the real winner. He says,”if Trump is unable to re-elect then the force will be met with force.”

In earlier, Roger Stone it is found to be guilty. Judge’s fresh charges for 7 crimes including hiding the witness and lying to investigation officers etc. The judges sentenced him to 40 months prison. But things get turned later because Stone begs his pardon and Mr Trump approve it

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