Pakistan will send their first astronaut in 2022

Pakistan Will Send Their First Astronaut In 2022

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1. Recently, India sent Chandrayaan-2 into space

2. Pakistan’s technology minister informed that China will send people into space by 2022 with the help of China.

3. According to Narendra Modi’s new project, at least three Indians will be sent to space by one week by 2022.

In Details:

From what has been reported so far, it is clear that the lunar eclipse sent by India’s ISRO has been able to travel in space. Shortly afterwards, Pakistan’s technology minister, Fahad Chowdhury, leaked that Pakistan would send astronauts with the help of Chinese technology by 2022. And a special team of 50 will be formed to do this. So who can tell which country will ever move forward?

In this news, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a new project. This project is called ‘Gaganyaan’ project. According to the project, at least three Indians will be sent into space by 2022 for a week-long stay. This record of first world countries has already. Then the list is about to be added to India. But the announcement of Pakistan is immensely important right away. The question that has always arisen in Pakistan is how the world is responding to something new.

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