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No Hook lyrics Rio Da Yung Og – Fiend Lives Matter

No Hook lyrics Rio Da Yung Og – Fiend Lives Matter

No Hook song is sung by artist Rio Da Yung Og. This Hip Hop Music lyrics is written and music produced by Rio Da Yung Og. This song is from Fiend Lives Matter (2021) HipHop album. If you are searching for ‘No Hook’ Song Lyrics English Font, this is the right post for you. label – Boyz Entertainment LLC

Rio Da Yung Og “No Hook” lyrics

Ghetto Boyz shit, you know what the fuck going on
Shit on the floor
(Marc Boomin, this you?)
Free the ghetto, nigga, we still on that nigga
Y’all niggas can’t fuck with us

Everybody got 3 chains on
Everybody got a thang on ’em, think you robbin’ who?
Take a chunk out his head, that’s what the chopper do
Pull to the hood, count the money up, alright I gotta scoot
Got a hundred racks on the floor, like we about to shoot
Middleman bought a Presi’ off a hundred pounds of glue
Got a Bo for thirteen, sold the bitch for twenty-two
Swiped the watch for thirty racks, sold it back for twenty too
Bitch, I’m a real hustler
In a twenty-twenty ‘Vette, it look like mustard
Yea I was fucking both of them, and they like cousins
Nodding off every 30 minutes, cause the sprite muddy
I’m off a blue-thirty, 2 chains and one watch, that’s 2 birdies
Sixty racks for the kit, so that’s two thirties
Caught a body broad day, it was 2:30, I had 2 30’s
You better move swift
Cause we got another Glock, and bought a new switch
So many rounds in 30 seconds, I had 2 clips
Keep it on me everyday, ain’t on no lose shit
3 chains and ain’t signed, on my Lou shit
Fucking with the Fetty Wap, I got a blue brick
Finna make another M, I got the blueprint
Stepped on a whole brick of soft and left the shoe
Clip longer than a pool stick
I’m finna buy a 80 carat diamond bracelet
Pour 6 in a 20 ounce pop, I wanna taste it
Get 3 pops out a pint, I waste it
Stop putting your Sky Dweller in the camera ‘fore I take it
Yea I still be on that one shit
I still pop pop pop, till the gun click
I’m Mr. pull up on the scene with a ‘hun strip
Glock got a drum clip, beating cases like a drumkit
Missed out on 20 racks cash, I was rushing
Flipped out and beat my bitch ass, it was for nothing
Nigga go against the mob, giving free smoke, want a blunt lit?
I done fucked her and her friend on a drunk tip
Mike ridin’ with some shit make a bus flip
Bumped into a opp going to Hutch getting my bust fixed
Every time I pick your hoe up, she gon’ suck dick
Bitch prolly talkin’ about me to her friends, cause I bust quick
I just bought another handgun
Before we fucked with the blues, had a [?] run
Caught a opp at Home Depot, hit him with a nail gun
She gon’ let the Yung OG fuck, and get her nails done
Just got into a fight with my sell, and the scale won
They tried to initiate me into the cartel, I got a [?]
Big bro went to the feds and he had the best cell-phone
Made a 100 racks on house arrest and I was basically in jail at home, nigga
So I don’t really wanna hear excuses
You can do what the fuck you want, if you wanna do it
You ain’t never hear me mad at a nigga that [?]
Everybody got pape ‘n jewelry, you don’t know who rap, man it’s so confusing
I get real love.. I heard the opps at the party, I’mma still come
Y’all was buying air cartridges, ah-ha, I had a real gun
Hope big cuz’ get an appeal, he had a pill run

Song Name: No Hook
Artist: Rio Da Yung Og
Lyrics: ​​Rio Da Yung Og
Prod. by: Rio Da Yung Og
Album: Fiend Lives Matter (2021)
Release Date: 10-12-2021
Label: Boyz Entertainment LLC

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