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Messi Was Banned For 3 Months

Lionel Messi was fined $ 50,000 and banned from playing for the Argentina team for three months. Is it because he violated the rules in Copa America 2019?

At a glance

1. Messi and Argentina team can appeal against this ban given by the CONMEBOL.

2. Messi cannot play three friendly matches if this deportation is issued.

3. Last month, Messi did not go to the Medal Ceremony of Copa America 2019.

Lionel Messi was banished from the international game for consummate Argentina for three months by football governing body CONMEBOL . Because he violated the rules in Copa America 2019. The South American organization said on Friday that they had fined $ 50,000 for the iconic player for adverse comments. And Messi made the comment when Argentina played in the third-place fixture against Chile in July and won by 2-1.

Messi thinks crazy If Argentina have early Copa exit
Messi during match
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Messi and the Argentina team can appeal against this decision. The striker has to refrain from playing four friendly matches if exile is issued.

The 32-year-old superstar will not be able to play for Argentina against Chile and Mexico in September if the deportations are on. Moreover, he will not be able to play two matches in October with Germany.

So far, none of Messi’s or Argentine team officials have commented on the decision of the constable.

Messi is also already exiled for the first match in the South American World Cup. That’s because he inadvertently received a red card while playing against Chile.

With this, Messi was forced to leave the field for the second time in his career. And here it happened with the midfielder Gary Medel clashing.

Messi protested and dismissed Copa America’s Medal Ceremony. He later told Argentina, “We should not participate in this corruption.”

The Argentine player added, “The game was arranged to win for Brazil.

Messi has already accused the referees of Copa America of being Argentina’s 2-0 loss to Brazil. And it was one of the semifinal games of the Copa America.

He is asked, “Is he afraid of her exile?” He replied, “What is true should be revealed.” Although he later wrote a letter apologizing to the constable.

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