Make Your Skin Brighter By Expending 3 Rupees Only

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Almost all people are conscious about their appearance and beauty.Especially women’s do so many things to keep their skin and hair beautiful.To make this happen, they apply the cosmetics from market or apply homemade products.But they don’t get positive results for all the time.The skin of many women become worsen after applying the so called popular cosmetics from market.We observe the above statistics sometimes.

Now let’s know how you can surely make your skin and hair glowing.You can buy Vitamin-E capsule from any medicine shop.And the price per capsule is Rs. 3 only.In every night clean your face properly and extract the liquid from vitamin E capsule by making a hole.Mix almond oil with the liquid .Now massage the mixture in your entire face and go to sleep.After waking up in the morning , wash your face with light warm water.Within one week, you will see the difference in your skin.

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