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Hurtful Song Lyrics – Lil Zay Osama
Mmmm mmmm
(Chew Chew)
Mmmm mmmm
Haven’t talked to god on a daily still riding with the torch
My lil brother tryna be gangster hope he don’t hop off that porch
I ain’t have much to give my guy’s ion see no more support
Baby mama mad I can’t see my child that shit hurt even more
You cheated, and I cheated
We broke up you got even
You still act like a demon
Let go that hurt you tweaking
You posting my location
Gotta be on point they fiening
You showed yo loyalty, I said what I said it’s fuck you and I mean it
You had me so embarrassed
How do he even matter
Hanging up on me around em
I called you back I’m cappin
Then you tried to flip the script
And ask why I’m so damaged
You can’t manipulate my mind hope you have fun without out me
How you’d be so hurtful
Why you’d be so hurtful
You told me you always got me
We get into it now we ain’t family
Calling people on yo phone ion no give a fuck cause im a savage
Wanna get into it with my family
Why you actin like a devil
How this shit get to that level
I wanna let’s make her stay
She left at three to separate
I wanna nut just find a place
How many times just to date
You missin my bedsheets
I’ma hit from the back deen
In the back of the Lamborghini
Eat up like a vacuum cleaner
She got em, I need em I’m fienin
We posed to be martin and gina
You was wet like some aquafina
You ain’t with what I’m with I’m leaving
Yeah yeah
How you’d be so hurtful
Why you’d be so hurtful

Lil Zay Osama – Hurtful Lyrics
Song Name – Hurtful
Artist – Lil Zay Osama
Lyrics Written By – Lil Zay Osama
Recording Engineer –
Assistant Mixing Engineer –
Mixing Engineer –
Mastering Engineer –
Album Name – Trench Baby
Prod. By – Chew Chew
Song Release Date – 19 February, 2021

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