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Letra De Peleamos – Sech – 42 Album (2021)

Peleamos Lyrics/ Letra – Sech – 42 Album (2021)

Peleamos Reggae Song is sung by Sech. The song lyrics is written Sech. This song is from 42 (2021) Album. Music prod. by . The much awaited album is released on 15 April, 2021. If you are looking for Letra De Peleamos by Sech, this is the right post for you. So don’t waste your time and just scroll down some to read the lyrics.

Peleamos Letra/Lyrics – Sech
Ah, yeah-eh-eh
Tan dura y antipática, yeah
En la cama e’ mi fanática
Mismo avión, yeah, siempre problemática, yeah
Jodía’ lunática, yeah-eh-eh
Tan dura y antipática, yeah
Siempre no’ vemo’, no’ peleamo’ y no’ comemo’
Y se le olvida cuando prendo
Cuando prendo, oh-oh
Dice que no tiene sentimiento’
Sentimiento’, oh-oh
Y la última ve’ que me fui, oh-oh
Muchas cosa’ nos dijimo’
Rico lo hicimo’
Siempre no’ vemo’, no’ pеleamo’ y no’ comemo’
Pelеamo’, no’ comemo’—

Song Name – Peleamos
Artist – Sech
Lyrics Written By – Sech
Prod. By –
Album Name – 42 (2021)
Album Release Date – April 15, 2021
Copyright : Rich Music

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