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Law of Averages Lyrics Vince Staples – ​Latest Rap Song

Law of Averages Lyrics Vince Staples – ​Latest Rap Song

​Law of Averages song is sung by artist Vince Staples. This Rap Music lyrics is written by Vince Staples and music produced by. This song is from Vince Staples album 2021. If you are searching for ​Law of Averages Song Lyrics English Font, this is the right post for you. label

Vince Staples – ​Law of Averages Lyrics

F-ck a […], I don’t trust no […] with my government
Fu-k a friend, I don’t want no friends with no open hands
Count my bands all alone at home, don’t you call my phone
Everyone that I’ve ever known asked me for a loan
Raging Bull, this not Paid in Full, but I […] my own
Yes, I love you ’cause you black, but don’t love your ass like that
I will put you on a shirt if you […] me out my racks
AMGs and SMGs, I’m into that shit, ayy
Wasn’t what he thought, we caught him like a catfish, ayy
Niggas fallin’ out and screaming like they baptist, ayy
Only love her if she ratchet, ayy, if that ass sit, ayy
Got a squabble, now he Cautious Clay
But I’m Hurricane Carter, you know I’m gon’ catch a case
But [?] what I call my .38
Kiss your baby in the face if you play with where I stay
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Song Name: ​Law of Averages
Artist: Vince Staples
Lyrics: Vince Staples
Recording Engineer:
Mixing Engineer:
Mastering Engineer:
Prod. By:
Release Date: 18-06-2021
Album: Vince Staples

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law of averages lyrics vince staples latest rap song
Law of Averages Lyrics Vince Staples – ​Latest Rap Song

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