Is North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Really Dead?

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un rumored to be dead.

A vice-director of Hong Kong-backed broadcasting network HKSTV in Hong Kong Satellite Television has claimed “very strongly” that Kim is dead.

Watch this kim Jong Un death news video.

North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un is in a “critical state” after he had gone for heart surgery earlier this month, a Japanese magazine says.
We came to know that Kim clutched his chest and fell to the field on a visit to the countryside earlier this month. A medic who was with Kim did CPR and took him to a nearby hospital.
Kim, 36 in age, was in urgent need of a stent procedure, which calls for placing a tube into a congested blood vessel to allow blood to maintain flowing to the heart, according to Shukan Gendai.
Earlier this week, a website from Seoul, Daily NK declared that Kim was getting well after undergoing a cardiovascular procedure on April 12. The outlet was found from an unnamed source in North Korea.
South Korean government officials and a Chinese official with the Liaison Department challenged subsequent reports stelling that Kim was in critical state after the completion of surgery, Reuters said. The authorities of South Korea said they had found no signs of unusual things in North Korea.

” Kim is ill,”President Donald Trump has come to know that report. An official familiar with U.S. intelligence expressed that the government had no reason to make a conclusion that he was seriously ill or unable eventually to reappear in public, Huffington Post told.

Kim has one 7 years older daughter named Kim Ju-ae and his wife is Ri Sol-ju.

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