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​I Wanna Be a Dog Lyrics Colleen Green – “Cool” Album

​I Wanna Be a Dog Lyrics Colleen Green – Cool Album

I Wanna Be a Dog song is sung by artist Colleen Green. This Pop Music lyrics is written by Colleen Green and music produced by Colleen Green. This song is from Cool 2021 album. If you are searching for ​I Wanna Be a Dog Song Lyrics English Font, this is the right post for you. label – Hardly Art Records

Colleen Green – ​I Wanna Be a Dog Lyrics

Still trying to run free
Still getting pulled back by my own leash
That I put on myself repeatedly
Still worried about what they think of me
When I could just lay down and go to sleep and dream
Each year aging more quickly
But I always still feel so naïve
And I get so bored when no one’s playing with me
Sometimes I think it’s too much
Sometimes I think I’d rather be
Yeah, now I want to be a dog
Cuz I’m still communicating from my tail end
I don’t really see the difference
Yeah, now I want to be a dog
And I’m still barking at a closed door
I don’t really see the difference anymore
Never met any man that I could call my best friend
All day I laid around alone and waited for someone I knew to get home
There’s gotta be a better way
I can relate
I’m just trying to be understood
And all I really want
All I really want
Is somebody to tell me that I’m good

Song Name: I Wanna Be a Dog
Artist: Colleen Green
Lyrics: Colleen Green
Prod. by: Colleen Green
Mastering Engineer:
Mixing Engineer:
Director: Steele O’Neal
Editor: Colleen Green
Director of Photography: Brandon Kelly
Release Date: June 23, 2021
Album: Cool
Label: Hardlyartrecords

Colleen Green – Cool Tracklist and Lyrics

​i wanna be a dog lyrics colleen green cool album 2021
​I Wanna Be a Dog Lyrics Colleen Green – “Cool” Album 2021

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