Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Happy Birthday Rohit Sharma: Aspiring Spinner Became Batsman

Today is the 33rd birthday of the Indian team opener and today cricket’s ‘hitman’ i.e. Rohit Sharma. Rohit Sharma, the only batsman in the world to score three double centuries in ODI cricket, was born on 30 April 1987 at a place called Bansod in Nagpur district of Maharashtra. Rohit, who made his Ranji Trophy debut for Mumbai, played his first international ODI against Ireland in 2007. Team India opener Rohit Sharma, known as ‘Hitman’, proves to dwarf even big targets with his batting. Let us know the occasion of his birthday, the story related to him, due to which Team India got a destructive batsman.

It may be difficult for you to believe but it is true that Rohit Sharma initially wanted to become a bowler and started his career as an off bowler. It is about the time when Rohit played junior cricket. Sri Lanka’s junior team visited India in 2005. Rohit’s right hand finger broke during a fifty-over match.

The injury nearly ended his career as a bowler, as Rohit Sharma was no longer able to grip the ball properly. It was from here that he started focusing on his batting. After this, you know that World Cricket got a batsman for whom a new name has been given in ODI cricket and that name is ‘Hit Man’.

He got married with Ritika Sajdeh in 2015. They have 1 year old daughter named Samaira Sharma.

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