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Game Of Thrones Star Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas get married

The Game Of Thrones star Sophie and the member of Jonas Brother Joe finally got married to exchange vows post in billboard music awards ’19 on 2nd may 2019. Actually they had tied the knot surprisingly.

sophie turner is dancing in priyanka nick wedding sangeet
Sophie Turner is dancing in priyanka -nick wedding sangeet.
(photo source: instagram)

At the function, Joe and his brothers- Kevin and Nick , performed their 1st awards since the announcement of their reunion this year.

And the couple got the licence of their marriage on wednesday who announced their relationship on october 2017.

Through DJ Diplo’s instagram account, the fans and the media know about this weddings.

After they have exchanged their vows , the new couple swapped ring pops instead of marriage bands.

Priyanka Chopra, the wife of Nick Jonas also present in the weddings.

Priyanka Chopra in Sophie's wedding
Priyanka Chopra in Sophie’s wedding

Actually Sophie Turner looks so beautiful in indian dress.Her husband Joe looks very handsome too.

 Sophie Turner and Her Husband in indian dress
Sophie Turner and Her Husband in indian dress

Now, Tuner turns 23 and Joe turns 29.

In Game Of Thrones TV series, her character is named by Sansa Stark of winterfell. She has also performed in the following movies.

1.Another Me(2013)

2.Barely Lethal(2015)

3.X-Men: Apocalypse(2016)


5.Time Freak(2018)

6.Dark Phoenix(2018)

She has appeared for tv series like The Thirteenth Tale and Carpool Karaoke: The Series apart from game of thrones.

She has also appeared for two music videos.

1.Oblivion by Bastille and

2.sucker by Jonas Brothers.

On the other hand, Sophie’s husband Joe has the following singles, promotionals etc.

Joe has three lead singles including “This is me“, “See no more” and “Just in love”. He has done promotionals, music video , songwriting and appeared in tv series too.

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