Facebook Will Reveal Your Secret Crush

Facebook is built in such a way that none of your friends or family can check your romance. That’s how facebook made Dating to be privacy-safe. But the exciting news is that facebook has got a way to let you reveal your affection silently for a friend without them knowing unless they feel in the same way and reciprocate.

Facebook has notified at F8 conference that Dating is available in 14 more countries, bringing the total to 19. It will be available in USA before the end of the year. Dating introduce us with a new feature called “Secret Crush” that expands it beyond strangers and friends-of-friends.

Process of Facebook Dating:
1 – You can choose upto your 9 special friends.
2 – If any of your chosen one has entered Facebook Dating, they will receive a notification that some friend has a crush on them.
3 – If they include you as a Secret Crush too, you’re both notified and can communicate on Messenger.

secret crush
secret crush
(photo credit: facebook)

“I have 2,000 friends in Facebook but I’m not best friends with all 2,000 people. And, there’s a good chance that one of my friends can really be a good match with me.I believe in them, I appreciate them and I know we’re compatible. The only thing missing is knowing if we’re both interested in being more than just friends without the fear of rejection if you just do this in real life,” said the Dating Manager of Facebook (Mr. C. Hung).

Facebook confirmed us about ‘Dating’ app at F8 conference a year ago and launched it in September in Colombia. Users enters the Dating and then browse the Events and Groups they’re part for getting potential matches. They message them a text based on something in their profile that goes directly into special Dating inbox. And only if that person has done the same, then they both can know, chat and may be even meet up. Now, it is available in the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana and Suriname.

Secret Crush Spamming And Its Prevention: One important issue about secret crush is that a user might spam the feature by restlessly adding and removing people from the list until they found a potential match. That’s why Facebook will let you sub out one person per day after your initial adding limit of 9.

facebook dating app
facebook dating app

Now, there still no project to monetize dating but that’s not important. After so many years of fallacy, Facebook needs to establish it deserves to be your best social network. Unnecessary browsing of news feed has proven to be exhausting and it is bad for health too. But if the app can find your future spouse, or even just a summer fling, you might retain a place in your heart for Facebook also.

And at last, when it will be available in India? Because there are 130 million people in India and it will be easy for them express themselves secretly.

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