Dustys lyrics Jayuno -World Star Hip Hop Music

Dustys lyrics Jayuno -World Star Hip Hop Music

Dustys song is sung by artist Jayuno. This Rap Music lyrics is written by Jayuno and music produced by Jayuno. This song is from rap album. If you are searching for ‘Dustys’ Song Lyrics English Font, this is the right post for you. label – World Star Hip Hop Music

Jayuno “Dustys” lyrics

The rent is due next week he′s just stunting for the gram
He’s acting like a stripper ain′t got bills to pay’ got to tip the DJ if she want to take the stage
You wouldn’t buy a ticket to a basketball game
And expect the food free bitch still got to pay

So if you ain′t here to throw cash
You ain′t here to throw cash

This is my profession
So quit disrespecting
You chose to work a 9-5 I chose to work these assets
Your girlfriend’s just jealous
She ain′t got these melons
She’s tagging along
But she′s playing detective
Unless your a big spender I am not interested
Only speak money the rest is irrelevant
Hot nerd fall got to pay my tuition
Not to mention my car and my drips expensive

So if you ain’t here to throw cash
You ain′t getting no dance
So if you ain’t here to throw cash
You ain’t getting no dance

I′ve been judged
Had a few stones cast at me
And I will never throw them back unless you aim at my family
I′ve been busy counting stacks and working towards a grammy
When I’m not busting that ass
And being a stay at home mommy
Got to many bitches that don′t want to see me winning
They tried to stop my bag before I can fill it
But I used my bare hands to pick up every penny
Now I ‘m making big bank while they barely make a living

Song Name: Dustys
Artist: Jayuno
Lyrics: Jayuno
Prod. by: Jayuno
Director: Lolyfe
Release Date: 30-11-2021
Label: WorldstarHipHop