Dope Fein Friday lyrics Rio Da Yung Og – Fiend Lives Matter

Dope Fein Friday lyrics Rio Da Yung Og – Fiend Lives Matter

Dope Fein Friday song is sung by artist Rio Da Yung Og. This Hip Hop Music lyrics is written and music produced by Rio Da Yung Og. This song is from Fiend Lives Matter (2021) HipHop album. If you are searching for ‘Dope Fein Friday’ Song Lyrics English Font, this is the right post for you. label – Boyz Entertainment LLC

Rio Da Yung Og “Dope Fein Friday” lyrics

Ooh, shit, that’s a Danny G beat
Ghetto Boyz shit, man you know what the f*ck goin’ on

S560 with reclining seats in the back
F-150, finna bring a hundred pounds of weed back
Jump out on a nigga in broad day, fu*k a ski mask
Say-u-fin-do-what? Where my heat at?
Deuce, deuce, deuce, deuce, deuce
We just drunk a ten
Lil’ bitch had a good shot, I wanna fu*k again
Rap got me out the dope game, but I’m stuck again
Got caught in Walmart, I will never use a punch again
Have you ever seen me out in public, with less than ten on me?
Have you ever seen me out in public, without FN on me?
You ever seen a nigga get his head blew off, shit get real, don’t it?
Okay, I understand he want four thousand for a pint, but I still want it
I can’t wait until we get the drop
I can’t wait ’til we find them niggas block, I’m buyin’ a crib on it
Thirty shot Glock with a switch, I wanna kill somethin’
Before the E.D.D. shit came around, I had a real hundred
Thirty-five hundred for a pint without the seal on it
I act mean to my dope fiends, I’m a drill sergeant
I’m feeling kinda sick, I need a head doctor
If I paid five hundred for a line, then it was red, probably
Yeah, that nigga took a shot at me, but he dead, probably
I was buyin’ act two for twenty-five, wearing Ed Hardy
Four-five make you move around, alright
Four-five make the crowd move around like I just farted
Picked up the mic last year and made a million, and I just started
Jump out on ’em with a– okay, damn he just sharted
I don’t think his car gon’ go in drive no more, ’cause I just parked it
Cougar bitch ‘cross the street was tryna f*ck, she look like Ms. Parker
Joggin’ pants full, fifty racks in ’em
Moncler bubble on, with a strap in it
Wild as hell, will knock a nigga out and I scrap with bitches
Hit him in the chest with the K, he just back-flipped it
You can’t rap about the drank, you ain’t an act sipper
F*ck the NBA, my motivation was a crack dealer
We can’t be fu*kin’ for that long, I’m a fat nigga
You will never see me wit’ a fitted on, ’cause I don’t cap, nigga
We all talkin’ ’bout the same shit, but I rap different
Last time I seen a Pyrex jar, it was crack in it
I been at your bitch crib if the ashtray got Blacks in it
I hope this bitch getting set to play, ’cause I only brought a stack wit’ me
The nigga that I’m wit’ throw bricks, I got Shaq wit’ me
Real plug, you can get a zip for a stack fifty (Ten-five)
I be at the liquor store, in the back, chillin’
My nigga got shot six times, he say his back healing
Lil’ bitch won’t shut the fu*k up, gave her ass Ritalin
Trendsetter, think im finna put forty pointers in a ______
And I got a real plug on Actavis, but they in Britain
Baby, I ain’t pop no percs before we fu*k, gimme six minutes

Ooh, shit, that’s a Danny G Beat

Song Name: Dope Fein Friday
Artist: Rio Da Yung Og
Lyrics: ​​Rio Da Yung Og
Prod. by: Rio Da Yung Og
Album: Fiend Lives Matter (2021)
Release Date: 10-12-2021
Label: Boyz Entertainment LLC