Friday, September 29, 2023
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“Don’t Try To Jam Central Projects, Otherwise…” Mamata Banerjee Alerted

Modi Govt. appointed Debashree Chaudhuri as the new Union Minister of State for Women and Child Development yesterday.

Key points Of The Story

1. Debashree Chaudhuri warned Mamata Banerjee to not block central projects. 2. She told TMC will face the anger of public if it occurs.

3. Chaudhuri was designated as a minister in the central cabinet yesterday.

Union Minister Debashree Chaudhuri alerted Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee that she will face public rage if her Govt. attempts to prevent central initiatives from reachings people in her state. She said,” I wanna work with the state Govt. with mutual understandings. And expect no barrier from the Bengal Govt. when it will be the time to implement central projects. If the State Govt. attempts to hamper our flow of work , the people of the state will remove the obstacles.”

News reporting agency IANS quoted her as telling,” Women empowerment is a leading project of the new Govt. The previous NDA Govt. had also concentrated on development of women. Our goal will be to empower women in the next five years.”

Ms Chaudhuri accepted the fact that the road ahead would not be so smooth. SO she said,” But I accepted it. I will try harder and do as much work as possible.

Actually Modi Govt. included two BJP leaders in the cabinet from WB. They are singer-turned politician Babul Supriyo from Asansol and Debashree Chaudhuri from Raiganj. Now, Mr. Supriyo has been designated as the MInister of State for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises.

Ms. Chaudhuri got victory by a narrow margin of around 6,000 votes than her closest Agarwal Kanaialal of the TMC in Raiganj. Besides, Babul Supriyo defeated Moon Moon Sen of TMC by 1.97 Lakh votes.

The BJP, which got 18 seats in West Bengal in the recent Lok Sabha elections, ha said that the Govt. of Mamata Banerjee will not hold on till 2021.

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