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Civic Volunteers Will Protect The Intelligence Department

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The general people are angry upon the works of civic volunteers.But once again West Bengal Govt. is going to recruit them.Recently it is declared that about 5,285 civic volunteers shall be recruited.And for this time,they shall get a work in Intelligence Department(not in Thana or in Traffic).After hearing the statement BJP respond,”Can TMC make up their destruction by recruiting cadre force?”

But this will not be a new recruitment,the 5,285 suitable people shall be chosen from the existing Civic Volunteers in West Bengal.Now, in West Bengal have 1.25 lakh plus civic volunteers.(source: Nabanna)

According to the WB Police,disturbance is occurring now and then in many places after Lok Sabha election in WB.”We are not informed previously,”blame WBP.In that case, they have to wait for the Intelligence Department.But the Intelligence Department is choking with the lack of workers.So, to make up the lack of workers, Mamata Banerjee Govt. will recruit Civic Volunteers in Intelligence Department. To read in Bengali, click here.

3 thoughts on “Civic Volunteers Will Protect The Intelligence Department

  1. Ami ei madhyamic diye chi .
    Ami civile e join korte cai .
    Kintu kiva korbo ektu sahajjo korun .
    Age 21

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