Thursday, September 28, 2023
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China : A Potential Threat to India। See The Consequences

“We can choose our friends but not our neighbours” is a famous quote that aptly explains the current relationship of India with her potential threat China. Six months long standoff in Galwan River Valley and Pangong Lake in Ladakh Valley shows the heinous intention of China to transgress in Indian territory and capture it.

Although India never did this type of transgression in other countries territory but history witnessed that evil powers have never missed any chance to loot, capture and exploit its people and its resources from time to time. The 1962 sino india war was something India will never forget. The humiliation for a newly formed state in war in 1962 , the non cooperation from the USA leads to scarcity of food and losses of land in the north eastern part of ladakh also known as Aksai CHIN.

But this time China should not forget that India is now ranked fourth in the world military power ranking and holds the capacity to give befitting reply at any time. India’s taking back of the southern bank of Pangong lake , something that China rarely expected.

China is a global manufacturing hub and delivers electronic components and electronic manufactured products to all over the world . Whereas India shows very thin potential to reach upto that level in twenty to thirty years. Also India is a major importer of chinese goods , which implies that China may lose its one of its major customer in near future if it does not expel its expansion policy.

China A Potential Threat to India
China : A Potential Threat to India। See The Consequences (Credit : Facebook)

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