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Cherokee lyrics Animal Collective – Time Skiffs

Cherokee lyrics Animal Collective – Time Skiffs

Cherokee song is sung by artist Animal Collective. This Rock Music lyrics is written and music produced by Animal Collective. This song is from ‘Time Skiffs‘ (2022) rock album. If you are searching for ‘Cherokee’ Song Lyrics English Font, this is the right post for you. label – Domino Recording Co

Animal Collective “Cherokee” lyrics

Late for its arrival
My mind’s begun to find
Early peculiarities
Of how it defines time
And there are turkeys out the window
That I appreciate
There’s plastic like a barge somewhere
It’s got no docking date

And on a tour I saw focaccia
Treat it like its jade

Someone in the lobby
Is dressed down just like me
And an infant won the lottery
But really, it was he
With a pocket full of roofies
A pocket full of teeth
Some people call that pleasure and
Some people call that grief

At the Exxon they were confused if
I was American
And so I left and ended with
A pack of M&Ms

Well, I’ve been driving for a long while
Spend some time in a Cherokee
Learning things

Out there in Black Mountain
Sprouts education, see
But you can learn a lot
Just take a walk above my tree
They gather around the easel
And spell “Community”
I go looking for my teachers
And wondering what that means

There’ll be lots of lonely mailboxes
When language disappears

And people on the subway
Think so far and be so near
I smile from a screen you touch
Waiting on the bed
Listening to voices
Talk about where I am heading

People get out for a long while
In the hills of color [?]

The stoop that you are fiending
The stoop that you are for meaning

Someone’s out of girl talk
And someone is Tom Hanks
Suckered into party games
And building words to leisure

Here it is eleven
And there it is nineteen
You’re missing on my breakfast and
I’m missing your evenings

Which we’ve been touching for a short while
Driving back in Cherokee
Dreaming things

Song Name: Cherokee
Artist: Animal Collective
Lyrics: ​Animal Collective
Prod. by: Animal Collective
Album: Time Skiffs (2022)
Release Date: 04-02-2022
Animal Collective Cherokee Official Music Video Song

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