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Catastrophic Disaster In Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor

CHERNOBYL is the place located in northern fringe of Ukraine …then in USSR. There was a nuclear reactor which was making electricity since 1970. For daily work almost 14 thousand people lived there. The town beside the nuke reactor named Pripyat, Ukraine.

In April 26,1986 so much heat was generated in reactor no. 4 that it boomed the top of the reactor and all active isotopes succumbed the whole city. These radioactive ions were conveyed by wind as far as Sweden. The no. of death as per as govt of Soviet Union report was almost 50 but further WHO confirmed the death around 4000 mostly workers and rescue workers due to radiation exposure and WHO added that the people have high risk of cancer in their lifetime.

ferris wheel in pripyat ghost town chernobyl
ferris wheel in pripyat ghost town chernobyl
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Soo the city nearby people were completely unaware about the incident happened in the reactor and its consequences. When they were told to evacuate, they were told that they will only be away for two weeks. So, they leave most of the belongings, and they never come back. In Pripyat, the abandoned city is now being reclaimed by nature like high rise soviet buildings are now crumbling, become contaminated wasteland. Many said it ghost city.

  There was hospital, school, children parks, multistoried buildings, opera house, all looks like if people are not anymore in this world for 30 years. If you are a gamer you can easily designate the scene as it seen in CALL OF DUTY 4. The most popular game. And a new tv show has been started by acclaimed tv channel HBO on regarding this.

swimming pool lazurney in chernobyl
swimming pool lazurney in chernobyl
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When one of the former resident name DOMA POPOVA was asked about that he said “People did not fully understand the consequence of it…after the evacuation they said we should take clothes for three days only and a bit of food and in three days they promised to bring us back. And when he was asked about that how he feel when they apprised that they will never come back home? He said that he took it as adventure as he was 16 but his parents must have felt some dismal .

chernobyl new nuclear plant
chernobyl new nuclear plant
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Now they are building a brand-new containment facility to make it cover and stop escaping those nuclear active isotopes.

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