​Buss It Open Lyrics YN Jay ft. Coi Leray – Coochie Chronicles

​Buss It Open Lyrics YN Jay ft. Coi Leray – Coochie Chronicles

Triple S Remix song is sung by artist YN Jay ft. Coi Leray. This Rap Music lyrics is written by YN Jay & Coi Leray and music produced by Enrgy Beats. This song is from Coochie Chronicles album 2021. If you are searching for Triple S Remix Song Lyrics English Font, this is the right post for you. label – YN Records

YN Jay – ​Buss It Open Lyrics ft. Coi Leray

[Intro: YN Jay]
(Enrgy, made this one)
Oh, you said you want?–Alright
I can take you there
That’s all you gotta do is say that one time
Okay, yeah

[Verse 1: YN Jay]
New bitch, yeah she bad as hell, she got long hair
Pretty bitch, got a big booty, yeah I gotta stare
Momma always told me I was different, I ain’t got no fears
I don’t eat the cat, that’s why I probably don’t got a beard
I can tell you ’bout my life story, you ain’t gotta care
Bitch keep calling me out my name, you ain’t gotta swear
Nigga tried to tell me bad advice, I had to close my ears
Uncle Willie sleep on the lawn, he just got a chair
Damn, unc’ wake up
I was sleep too long in my drеam, I had to wake up
All my time I spent doin’ nothin’, gotta makе up
I just left my bitch, aw man, that’s a breakup
Oh, you wanna see me pop off? Shake up
All I want is some Ramen Noodles, put the Steak up
Get to throwin’ money in the club, they gotta rake up
Seem like my best friend start hatin’ since I came up
Nigga thought that I was done, thought I gave up
Nigga tellin’ stories in his raps, it was made up
Could’ve dunked it for the game-winner, but I laid up
Bitch called me cheatin’, damn, I played dumb
Bitch tried to send me her location, but I ain’t come
Bitch gave me head but it was alright, no I ain’t cum
Why you hop your dumbass in the car if you can’t come?
Never seen me comin’, I was dressed as a fake bum
(Sss) My shoes say Triple S
I been gettin’ money all night, I forget to stress
Told bro I was up now, I forget I’m next

[Verse 2: Coi Leray & Louie Ray]
Ayy, ayy, yeah
He’ll still eat my little ass if my ass [?]
Yeah, I put this ass all on his face, almost broke the chair
I just got my braids done, baby, don’t pull my hair
[?] sent these new SB’s, I want every pair
See that boy in public, told his ass he can’t hug me
Whole gang quiet [?] buggin’
Bitch, I love money, sorry baby, you can’t love me
Yeah, ayy
Stuntin’ in (Ayy) Rick jeans and they’re ripped, bitch
Bitches want smoke, watch out, yeah, get hit
It’s a big stick, when he lookin’ at me, get his dick licked
Hold on, (Okay), Ahh

[Outro: YN Jay]
That’s all you gotta do is say that one time
Okay, yeah

Song Name: Triple S Remix
Artist: YN Jay ft. Coi Leray
Additional Vocals: Louie Ray
Lyrics: YN Jay & Coi Leray
Prod. by: Enrgy Beats
Original Song: Triple S by YN Jay ft. Coi Leray
Mastering Engineer:
Mixing Engineer:
Release Date: June 23, 2021
Album: Coochie Chronicles
Label: YN Records
Distributor: Foundation Media

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