Billie Eilish Happier Than Ever Album Tracklist and Lyrics – July 30, 2021

Billie Eilish, the sensational artist of alternative pop music, announces to release her 2nd studio album “Happier Than Ever” on July 30,2021. This upcoming pop music album consists of 16 songs. Her brother Finneas is the producer of the album. Read this article until last to know Happier Than Ever lyrics and tracklist, writers, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, distributor, label etc. (Pop Music Lyrics)

Billie Eilish – Happier Than Ever Tracklist and Lyrics

1 – Getting Older Lyrics Billie Eilish
2 – I Didn’t Change My Number Lyrics Billie Eilish
3 – Billie Bossa Nova Lyrics Billie Eilish
4 – My Future Lyrics Billie Eilish
5 – Oxytocin Lyrics Billie Eilish
6 – Goldwing Lyrics Billie Eilish
7 – Lost Cause Lyrics Billie Eilish
8 – Halley’s Comet Lyrics Billie Eilish
9 – Not My Responsibility Lyrics Billie Eilish
10 – Overheated Lyrics Billie Eilish
11 – Everybody Dies Lyrics Billie Eilish
12 – Your Power Lyrics Billie Eilish
13 – NDA Lyrics Billie Eilish
14 – Therefore I Am Lyrics Billie Eilish
15 – Happier Than Ever Lyrics Billie Eilish
16 – Male Fantasy Lyrics Billie Eilish

Happier Than Ever Album Audio Credits:
The total length of Happier Than Ever Album is 56:07.
Producer: FINNEAS
Writer: Billie Eilish & FINNEAS
Acoustic Guitar, Arranger: FINNEAS
Assistant Engineer: Casey Cuayo & Eli Heisler
Audio Engineer, Background Vocals, Bass, Programmer: FINNEAS
Drum Programmer, Electric Guitar,Percussion: FINNEAS
Mastering Engineer: Dave Kutch & John Greenham
Mixing Engineer: Rob Kinelski
Publisher: Drup (Publishing), Kobalt Music, Last Frontier & Universal Music Group
Recording Engineer: FINNEAS
Studio Personnel: Billie Eilish, Dave Kutch, FINNEAS, John Greenham & Rob Kinelski
Synth Bass, Synthesizer, Ukulele: FINNEAS
Performance Rights: ASCAP
Distributor: Universal Music Group
Label: Darkroom Records and Interscope Records

Happier Than Ever Album Video Credits:
Video Animation: Alex Dray, Andrew Onorato, Annie Zhao, Cliona Noonan, Ian Ballantyne, João Monteiro, Josh Trotter, Keith Kavanagh, Maddie Brewer, Nancy Li, Sarah Schmidt and Sean Anderson
Video Backgrounds: Genesis Magat, Jarrod Prince & Rick Sweden
Video Director: Andrew Onorato & Billie Eilish
Video Pre-Production: Adam Henderson, Andrew Onorato & Shane Dering
Video Producer: Chop Studio
Vocal Arranger: FINNEAS
Vocal Engineer: Billie Eilish
Wurlitzer electric piano: FINNEAS

billie eilish happier than ever tracklist and lyrics
Billie Eilish – Happier Than Ever Tracklist and Lyrics