BIGslim lyrics Slim Thug – New HipHop Music

BIGslim lyrics Slim Thug – New HipHop Music

BIGslim song is sung by artist Slim Thug. This Hip Hop Music lyrics is written and music produced by Slim Thug. This song is from album. If you are searching for ‘BIGslim’ Song Lyrics English Font, this is the right post for you. label –

Slim Thug “BIGslim” lyrics

Big Slim bitch
I don’t need no co signs

Them white folks got y’all signed

they get none of mine

Talking bout you boss
get ya boss nigga

Sold ya masters for cars
you a house nigga

Tryna floss on me with
that man check

Tell ya man fuck his check
I live for respect

Own mine fuck signing
on yo dotted line

I got my own contracts
bitch sign mine

On time all the time
when it come to grind

I keep it a 100 on the mic
you niggas lying

But what’s new I need a plus too

I’m on roam in Rome
doing what hustlers do

Got a mill worth a carsand million dollar house

And I got titles & deeds
my shit paid off

Y’all flossing years straight with them paper plates

But acting like we the same
naw that ain’t case

Scamming ass niggas
I did this with Gods grace

Hard work no short cuts driven off Faith

Keep eating but kill it
with the competing

With the ppp loans
and so on y’all cheating

Stop acting like you
got it out the mud

You got it off a loan
You ain’t get it like thug

Went from crumbs
worked up to the plug

And the music so dope
I ain’t gotta sell drugs

Song Name: BIGslim
Artist: Slim Thug
Lyrics: ​​Slim Thug
Prod. By: Slim Thug
Release Date: 25-12-2021