Bigger Amount lyrics Mack Ben Widdit – WSHH

Bigger Amount lyrics Mack Ben Widdit – WSHH

Bigger Amount song is sung by artist Mack Ben Widdit. This Rap Music lyrics is written and music produced by Mack Ben Widdit. This song is from rap album. If you are searching for ‘Bigger Amount’ Song Lyrics English Font, this is the right post for you. label – Don’t Fold Entertainment

Mack Ben Widdit “Bigger Amount” lyrics

Real trap nigga came up off the skizzell
Can’t lend you nun all my shit for sizzell
Man I’m on fire like Denzel
Bitch ima starter yo boyfriend a bench player

Plus he a bitch player fuck how they feel and dat’s forever
Get out yo feelins lil nigga do better
Boy I’m from Richmond not Memphis its level
No disrespect but they act like my shit don’t exist

How could you miss
My whole city lit, from the houses to bricks
Sellin dat gas buss a pound to the nicks
Movin dat work by the ounces and vicks

I’m thinkin mo than I ever imagined
I know ima have it I gotta go get it
Fu*kin this bitch and she think she baddest
Really she ratchet I like her titties

Niggas talk crazy I turn to John madden
Call up my savage I send da blitz
Since I came home mane dese niggas been pissed
Walk up wit da smile you know how a snake hiss

Went from a quarter ounce straight to a brick
I need a porterhouse steak wit my fish
I got the pointers all up in the chain
It got the baddest hoes all on my di*k

Upin the right pocket might be a five
Up in the left pocket might be a ten
I see the scales when I’m whipping the work
The dope in the blender get mixed wit the fyn

I’m goin fed the only way is big
I’m off the meds Ez off the Jiggs
Bitch give me head make her eat the kids
Why all the real niggas doin bids

I’m tryna figure it out
I need a bigger amount
Sending that sack to my niggas they on
They got mo money than dese niggas home

I brought the bitches outside today
My name ain’t biggie ain’t findin faith
The way she suck dick ima sign her face
Gimme a year and I’m buyin a Raif

I need a scar or that new amg or the demon or hellcat
I’m tryna race
I hit the A and it’s strictly bout business
Won’t go to no bar ain’t no time to play

If it’s bout money got time today
Tell me why the law be all on niggas di*k
I drop off the work and go pick up yo bitch
She hop in the whip and get straight to the spit

I’m on they ass ain’t it
That shit happen fast ain’t it 3-65 mane
I coulda bought me like 5 chains
I get you plugged into five lanes

Talkin legit business, you driving or house building
If you can dawg whisper
I get you plugged in to the raw nigga
Don’t play wit dat gun I’m the wrong nigga

Get you hit when I pick up the phone nigga
And he did it off the muscle
Cause ima strong nigga
I might be the realest in it

This ain’t no music bitch dis how I’m livin
Found me a plug and I ran up dem digits
Put on my cousins, brothers and my niggas
Got out the way I gave em all my switches

Just don’t forget where you get this shit at
If you can’t do it den give the shit back
I’ll do it myself fo I let niggas slack
I’ll do it myself fo I pay me a tab to get niggas whacked

Song Name: Bigger Amount
Artist: Mack Ben Widdit
Lyrics: Mack Ben Widdit
Prod. By: Mack Ben Widdit
Release Date: 05-11-2021
Label: Don’t Fold Entertainment