Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Movie (2023) Cast, Story, Release Date, Wiki

Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Movie (2023) Cast, Story, Release Date, Wiki

Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Movie (2023) is an upcoming Bengali language romance comedy drama. This is the sequel of ‘Bibaho Obhijaan’ (2019 Bengali Movie) where a frustration of married life is shown. Later, the characters solve their problem and live happily thereafter. Bibaho Obhijaan 2 release date is in 2023. Bibaho Obhijaan 2 (2023 Movie) trailer will be shown on SVF YT channel and on Ankush Hazra’s social media handles. Bengal girls heartthrob Ankush Hazra is going to rock screens by acting in this movie. To know Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Movie actor-actress, release date, review, Wikipedia please read this post till last. Bibaho Abhijan 2 Bengali Movie details. (বিবাহ অভিযান 2 মুভি অঙ্কুশ হাজরা #BibahoObhijaan2 #AnkushHazra #SVF #বিবাহঅভিযান2)

Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Cast: Bibaho Obhijaan 2 actor name is Ankush Hazra. He is going to act as Anupam Banerjee. Currently, he is also busy shooting his another upcoming big budget film ‘Mirza’ (Bengali Movie 2023). And Bangladeshi actress Nusraat Faria Mazhar will be the main female lead in this drama. She will be seen as Rai, the reel wife of Rajat who is a social activist. And actor Rudranil Ghosh will perform as Rajat here who is a close friend of Anupam. Actress Sohini Sarkar will be seen as Maya, the wife of Rajat. Maya is a very religious girl and spends her most time watching crap tv serials. In addition, actor Saurav Das will be in an exciting role. Other important cast are: Anirban Bhattacharya, Priyanka Sarkar. (Bibaho Obhijaan 2 actress name is – Nusrat, Sohini. Bibaho Abhijan 2 cast, actor/actress name.)

Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Movie Story or Synopsis: On the part one of this movie, two bosom friends Anupam and Rajat get married with Rai (social worker) and Maya (religious girl) respectively. But they become frustrated with their married life very soon. So, they wish to escape for some time. On the other hand, a shy village boy Gonsha is unable to express his love and emotions for another village girl Maloti. To win Malati’s heart, Gonsha becomes a notorious dacoit leader Bullet singh and kidnaps Anupam and Ganesh. Finally, he is able to win Maloti. In that way, this fummy story continuous. So, Bibaho Abhijan part 2 is going to the next story of the lives of Anupam, Rai, Rajat, Maya, Gonsha and Maloti.

Bibaho Obhijaan 2 (2023 Movie) Cast (Actor/Actress Name)Role/Character/Act As
Ankush HazraAnupam Banerjee
Nusrat FariaRai (Anupam’s wife)
Rudranil GhoshRajat
Sohini SarkarMaya (Rajat’s wife)
Anirban BhattacharyaGonsha/Ganesh Maity/Bullet Singh
Priyanka SarkarMaloti (Gonsha’s Love Interest)
Saurav DasTBA
Ambarish BhattacharyaPolice inspector
Sandy SahaSona
Manosi SenguptaTBA
Nabanita MazumderTBA
Debapratim DasguptaTBA
Arijita MukhopadhyayTBA
Sanghasri Sinngha MitraTBA
Mallika BanerjeeTBA

Bibaho Obhijaan 2 (2023) Writer, Director, Producer name: Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Movie Director name – Soumik Haldar. Bibaho Obhijaan 2 (2023) is produced by Mahendra Soni under the banner of SVF. Bibaho Obhijaan 2 (2023 Film) Wikipedia. Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Director name. Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Movie shooting location:

Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Bengali Movie Trailer, Teaser, Announcement: Watch Bibaho Obhijaan 2 (2023 Movie) trailer on You Tube Channel. Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Movie teaser. Bibaho Abhijaan 2 (2023) Announcement video is here.

Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Movie Budget: Bibaho Obhijaan 2 (2023 Movie) budget is Rs. 3.38 Cr (approx.). Bibaho Obhijaan 2 movie making cost. Bibaho Obhijaan 2 (2023 Bengali movie) budget. Ankush Bibaho Obhijaan 2 budget is told here. Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Bangla Movie budget is described in this para.

Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Movie Box Office Collection: Bibaho Obhijaan 2 (2023 Movie) box office collection is here. Bibaho Obhijaan 2 movie box office collection Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, 1st week. Bibaho Obhijaan 2 movie advance booking report. Bibaho Obhijaan 2 (2023 Movie) collection from box office.

Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Movie Review: Bibaho Obhijaan 2 (2023) review, Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Movie Rating, Bibaho Obhijaan 2 (2023) IMDb rating will be written soon. Bibaho Obhijaan 2 IMDb review.

Watch Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Movie Online for Free: Watch Bibaho Obhijaan 2 movie free – this is not true. You need to visit your nearest theatre with your loved ones to enjoy this movie Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Movie OTT release date. Bibaho Obhijaan 2 (2023 Bengali Movie) free download and enjoy. Bibaho Obhijaan 2 movie download for free. Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Full Movie in 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p and HD quality. Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Movie MX Player. Bibaho Abhijan 2 free download.

Movie NameBibaho Obhijaan 2 (বিবাহ অভিযান 2)
Director NameSoumik Haldar
Screenplay and DialogueTBA
DOPSoumik Haldar
Release Date2023
Music DirectorTBA
Producer NameMahendra Soni
Production HouseSVF
GenreComedy, Romance
BudgetRs. 3.38 Cr (Approx.)
OTT PlatformTBA

Bibaho Obhijaan 2 (2023 Bangla Film) Technical Team : TBA
Bibaho Obhijaan 2
(2023) Release Date : 2023
Bibaho Obhijaan 2 Movie Show Time: TBA
Bibaho Obhijaan 2
(2023 Movie) actor, actress salary: Unknown

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2 – “Soumik Haldar to direct Bibaho Obhijaan 2” (Times of India) on 19 October, 2022 at 12:21 IST.
3 – “Soumik Haldar to direct ‘Bibaho Obhijaan 2’, shooting starts in November” (Times of India) on 18 October, 2022 at 13:46 IST.

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