Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Beautiful MP Nusrat Jahan Is Going To Marry

Journey of Nusrat was not so easy. But she has done a miracle in totally different world than acting. She has won by huge margin as a TMC MP candidate.In first innings, acting world, in second innings political field and once again in third innings she is going to sit for marriage.Now, let’s go through some information regarding the marriage of Nusrat Jahan.

Destination Of Her Marriage Probably, Nusrat is the first female actor to choose for destination wedding.Unlike Anushka and Deepika who choose Italy, she choose Istanbul.And now-a-days, destination wedding so so popular for a star.

Date Of Marriage From the secret source, Nusrat is going to marry in the next 19th june.And the marriage will be held in a Five Star Hotel in Istanbul ( so far from Kolkata city).

Nusrat Jahan is with Nikhil Jain
Nusrat Jahan is with Nikhil Jain
(photo credit: facebook post of Nikhil Jain)

Whom She Will Marry? Nusrat is going to marry one of the famous industrialist Nikhil Jain. Actually, most of the time she is the brand ambassador of his(Nikhil) garments advertisement. From the working relation, they fall in love with each other slowly.

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