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Bag Back lyrics Rio Da Yung Og – Fiend Lives Matter

Bag Back lyrics Rio Da Yung Og – Fiend Lives Matter

Bag Back song is sung by artist Rio Da Yung Og. This Hip Hop Music lyrics is written and music produced by Rio Da Yung Og. This song is from Fiend Lives Matter (2021) HipHop album. If you are searching for ‘Bag Back’ Song Lyrics English Font, this is the right post for you. label – Boyz Entertainment LLC

Rio Da Yung Og “Bag Back” lyrics

(Marc Boomin, this you?)
How the fuck is you a CEO?
Ghetto Boyz shit. nigga

How the fuck is you a CEO and your artist broke?
[?] the color green on the cat, look like artichoke
You will never see me running like my starter broke
I got a thousand bird feathers in the ‘cler, this is not a coat
I ain’t trynna fuck on the first date, bitch I’m not a hoe
But I’mma still hit the bitch and dip, alright I gotta go
You say your brother got killed, what they popped him for?
Shit I got a whole pint, what you trynna pour?
You can find the cut I use at the Dollar Store
Comin’ down the street fast in a ‘Hawk, they like Geronimo
Pulled up, dropped a hundred shots, now I’m like adios
How you selling all this dope and don’t nobody know
In the hood with 50 racks on mе, eating sloppy joe
Fuck around, got high, and left thеre, and went to Dominos
He just sniffed so much coke, he ain’t got a nose
I ain’t got no fuckin’ chainsaw, this a chopper bro
Guarantee this .308’ll cut a tree down
Bitch pussy so good, got her number on speed dial
I was sittin’ on my ass broke, I’m on my feet now
They gave me 5 in the feds, I want some weed now
And I got a sale right now, he want three pounds
Being broke had me blind, I can see now
Last week I bought a zip, I want a [?] now
Alright, I got some drank in me, I could eat now
Bitch, I’m a hood legend
When Rio going broke? That’s a good question
I be puttin’ that shit on, but I look messy
You want the answer to that first bar, I’m like “bitch never”
Yeah I’m doing good right now but it can get better
Twelve-hundred for the new Burberry print sweater
Nuttin’ all in my new bitch, and I just met her
Dropped thirteen, I’mma drop the 30 clip separate
And no I’m not dropping the price, so you could buy yo other zip separate
Somebody bring a big scale, I need a brick measure
They knew I was a beast, so they put me on a big tether
I just mixed some dog up, this a Pit-Shepherd
Broke up with my girl, moved to Detroit, and sent the bitch a letter
My calf muscles getting strong, I’m a big stepper
That is not a coffee maker, that’s a brick presser
I am not your baby daddy, I’m a rich nigga
And I pull up by myself, I ain’t with 10 niggas
That is not a Za’ house, y’all got hemp in it
10 milli long as fuck, I got slim with me
If I pull my mask up, I’m a grim reaper
And I don’t just kill people, it can get deeper
Heard your brother know how to rap, but I’m a bit sweeter
Nowadays twenty-thirty racks could get 6 people
It ain’t shit to tell my shooter, check his CashApp
And I’m like Walmart, I do cashback
Pay for the hit, tell Scoop to get him, get the cash back
Bitch I rap now don’t want the bag back, I’m gettin’ mad scrap
Ghetto Boyz the hashtag, hit a nigga with a trash bag
This pop I just po’ed, dirtier than a ass rag
I got a plug on dracos, they in Baghdad
Missed my daughter and my son birth, am I a bad dad?
He got too close, eased up the [?], nigga bag back

Song Name: Bag Back
Artist: Rio Da Yung Og
Lyrics: ​​Rio Da Yung Og
Prod. by: Rio Da Yung Og
Album: Fiend Lives Matter (2021)
Release Date: 10-12-2021
Label: Boyz Entertainment LLC

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